Does Online Therapy Work?

online therapy

The short answer is, yes!

The longer answer is still yes, in a few different ways.

There have been quite a few studies that show that for many people, counselling delivered over skype or similar services is not that different from in-person counselling, especially for those who are used to communicating that way. There have even been studies that found counselling over sms or text messaging can be useful for some.

Today, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study of the effectiveness of online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. They found that “Internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) allows easier and quicker access to CBT with lower cost and greater convenience than traditional therapy.”   Their review showed “strong evidence from randomized controlled trials” that this is an appropriate way to provide therapy for persons with mild to moderate depression or anxiety.

Will it work for you? There are no guarantees. Some people need in-person care, especially for certain serious issues. But if there are barriers that prevent you from accessing traditional therapy (mobility or transportation issues, location, work schedule, shyness, family attitudes, etc.) online therapy might be very helpful for you.

If you are curious, contact me, and we can discuss whether this option might be right for you.

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