Parenting the Hard Way

Mother and son

Some parents have it easy, and they don't even know it. They may have a good partnership with a loving and wise co-parent, plenty of resources, a supportive family and community. They may be educated and prepared, and their child may come into the world with no disadvantages or special challenges. And even those parents will usually describe their lives as stressful.

Then there is the rest of us, who do our best to parent alone (or with a conflicted relationship), to deal with limited resources, and with a family and community that are negative or absent in their input. Maybe we were too young to be fully educated or prepared. And maybe, just maybe, there might be something different about our children.

What started as a vague suspicion that something was not right and became a visit or two (or ten) to the doctor, then a long time on the waiting list, may have eventually become a diagnosis. Whether the Doctor said Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, OCD, ADHD or something else, life changed when that neurological disorder label was applied.

Parenting is different when these extra challenges are added. Life is different. First of all, it is much more stressful. In another post, I'll talk more about the stress levels of parents of kids on the Autistic Spectrum. But it doesn't matter where the extra stress came from. It matters what we do with it.

Some of my favourite clients are struggling parents. I understand because I've been there, and because of all the wonderful people who have opened up and shared their story with me. If you need someone to talk to who can support you in the stresses of parenting, give me a call. I can listen and support you, and help you to find ways to get some balance into your life, and to see a positive future for you and for your children.

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