Who I Am

colleen in venice


It’s nice to meet you! I am Colleen Fuller, the primary therapist at Creative Solutions Counselling.

I am a counsellor at heart, and I am very happy to be opening my private practice. I recently completed my Master’s in Counselling Psychology. Life has taken me the long way around to meeting this long term goal. I intended to go into this field after I finished my B.A. in psychology back in the 90’s. But my family’s needs came first for a while, and before I knew it, my kids were growing up into strong independent young people who could survive just fine while I went back to school.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. In addition to my private practice, I also work with Family Services of Greater Vancouver in their program for children affected by family violence (CABFV) and in the RSVP program for children and Youth.

My Master’s Thesis looked at the uniquely high stress levels of parents of children on the Autism Spectrum. I have a particular interest in working with people who are facing this issue.

Other areas of interest are Anxiety and Phobia, Panic, Depression,Trauma, Grief and Relationship work.

With my clients, I work to co-create a personalized therapeutic approach that will match up with each person’s unique needs.

The primary therapeutic approaches I rely on are Solutions-focussed therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Narrative and Existential therapies.

One thought on “Who I Am

  1. Therapy and the internet is such an interesting combination. I have a therapist I meet with through video chat. It will be interesting following your blog, as well.

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